Special mention at Bibbiena Portfolio Review, 2010

Winner of the Talents of Modena contest, Fondazione Fotografia Modena, 2015


Lizete Visner was obese. Like her two siblings. In 2008 she underwent adjustable gastric lap-band surgery and, since then, she has had a butterfly tattooed for every 30 pounds of weight lost. Her house is full of butterflies.



BUTTERFLIES is a work in progress on the implications of obesity. Brain chemistry (and stomach chemistry) governing and stimulating hormone production can undergo alterations, transforming nourishment into something quite different.

The obese tend to be considered gluttons unable to control themselves, people who are guilty of their condition. The pathological aspect and the psychological suffering are not factored in: for many obese people, the disease is addiction to food, that becomes a sort of drug, their panacea.

A recent study performed at Yale University accuses society, defining it as ‘obesogenic’, guilty first of fattening people up, inducing them to overeat, and then segregating them, venerating only the hyper thin models. And this pushes fat people into isolation, further taking refuge in food.



“… she had spent an entire sleepless night reflecting on how she had become a living taboo. There was a mystique about her body because of the secrecy that surrounded it. So what was her real weight? Her true size? Mary alone knew. She even hoarded food. She ate on the sly. She fed the ravenous body that was her sort, living with a feverish energy that led her to want more and more.”

From the novel ‘The Wife's Tale’ by Lori Lansens



*In English when a person has ‘butterflies in their stomach’ they are excited or nervous.