“Archery may be defined as a Zen discipline, in that it requires brains rather than muscles” – explains Jessica Tomasi, world archery champion – “It teaches you to be very alert and focused. It takes consistency, both in the way you pace your time and the shooting sequence. Archery teaches you to control yourself and put everything in the right perspective”. Everything, then, is made easier by the type of environment where this discipline is practised: in this particular case reference is made to the Gruppo Arcieri from Piné. There, the practise sessions take place in a setting that is at once healthy, relaxing and energising. If the weather is bad, practice goes on as planned, unless there should be hail or a storm. Indeed, while the bow is made of aluminium, the arrows are carbon, which may attract lightning. The wind, instead, as well as being against the sun, is a true enemy. One has to anticipate the effects it may have on the arrow’s trajectory: in this sport one must learn to know and read the environment. Eleonora Strobbe, the other bare bow archery champion from Piné, explains: “my greatest luck was having Aldo Maccarinelli as my coach. The relationship with your coach is fundamental. Many successful athletes grew up in Maccarinelli’s school. Aldo is not just a team manager: he is a father, a shaffer, a carpenter, an electrician… he built the facility from scratch. He found the meadows, cleaned them, sowed them and for years he has groomed them as a perfect garden. He devoted his entire life to archery and follows us everywhere, every day of the year…”. Daniela Bazzani spent a few days with Maccarinelli’s athletes: she took the little girls to beginners’ courses and observed them as they took part in their early competitions; followed the practice sessions in the forests of the plateau and got to meet world champions Tomasi and Strobbe. In a sweet and profound research, she traced back the many years of studying and sacrifices of the former to understand the success of the latter. And the intense joy and indescribable fulfilment that ensued.

Lorenza Biasetto


This work was published on the catalogue Fototrekking OBIETTIVO TRENTINO.